How Auditory Brain Training Can Change Your Life

Dr. Michael Merzenich, PhD, is one of the scientists responsible for our current understanding of brain plasticity--the notion that the brain can change itself at any age. In this talk, Alex Doman and Dr. Merzenich explore these main points:

  • How you can improve your auditory listening abilities with neuroplasticity-based training to sharply improve your conversational, cognitive, speech and music abilities.
  • How training your brain as a master listener also refines your attentive powers and amplifies your baseline level of arousal-your "brightness."
  • Evidence that these gains are attributable to strong, positive, enduring physical changes in your brain. The trained brain is a stronger, better brain.
  • How combining auditory training and brain training in the other great perceptual and action-control domains, you can rejuvenate a struggling brain-and if taken seriously, can assure a more effective, happier, and more secure adult life.
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