Learn all about which foods have been proven to offer brain health benefits, find out how certain foods can improve your brain, and get dozens of brain healthy recipes.

Brain Healthy Recipes

Find dozens of brain-healthy recipes created by top food bloggers, plus in-depth information on how nutrition affects brain health.

Brain Healthy Foods and Ingredients

Check out a detailed list of proven brain healthy foods, learn why they help the brain, and link to recipes using each ingredient.

10 Surprising Brain Foods

You’ve probably heard that blueberries and dark chocolate are good for the brain, but what about things like watermelon and milk? Learn about the research behind their brain benefits.

5 Proven Brain Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Coffee has the reputation of being a guilty pleasure, but recent research has found that coffee drinkers may experience a variety of brain health benefits from their daily cup of joe.

Getting the Most Out of Olive Oil

You’ve probably heard that olive oil is good for your brain and body, but did you know there are many pitfalls to avoid when choosing, storing, and cooking with olive oil? These 5 rules will help.

Your Brain on Booze: Alcohol and the Brain

Is alcohol good for the brain? Here, we look at the neuroscience of drinking, examine the proven brain benefits and risks of alcohol, and debunk a common myth about alcohol and the brain.

Going Nuts for Brain Health

You may have heard that eating nuts is good for your brain. Learn which nuts offer which types of brain benefits and find out about research on brain health and nuts.