5 Amazing Brain Facts

Is it true that you only use 10% of your brain? What can cab drivers in London teach us about the brain’s ability to change itself?

Explore these questions and more by watching these short videos about the brain and brain facts.

The 10% Myth
Do you really only use 10% of your brain?


Exercise: Good for Your Heart and Head
Learn how exercising your body can help your brain.


Big Heads, Smart Brains
See how London cab drivers have helped scientists understand how learning new skills can physically change the brain.


Turn Down the TV to Hear Better
Can’t hear the TV so well anymore? Learn how turning down the volume can actually help you hear more.


Is Memory Loss Avoidable?
Many people think memory loss is an inevitable part of getting older. Learn why scientists no longer think this is true.

Making the Most of Your Brain
After decades of research, scientists have finally begun to understand enough about the brain to design and develop effective tools for maintaining and improving brain function. Designed by top scientists, Posit Science's BrainHQ exercises speed up and sharpen the brain from the roots up. The exercises are clinically proven by independent researchers to help people think faster, focus better, and remember more. These improvements help you be your best for whatever matters to you—at work, with family and friends, in life. Try BrainHQ today.