The following are the frequently asked questions with AARP Brain Fitness becoming part of BrainHQ.

What is happening to the AARP Brain Fitness offering?

BrainHQ provides the exercises and other content that make up AARP Brain Fitness powered by BrainHQ. The current offering that is called “AARP Brain Fitness powered by BrainHQ” is undergoing a transition, as AARP and BrainHQ focus energy on new offerings. As a user you will be able to continue to access all the BrainHQ exercises and features that you currently enjoy (and new ones). Previously, to get to your BrainHQ exercises, you went to the AARP web site at Starting on April 1, 2015, to get to your BrainHQ exercises you can go directly to In fact, if you go to, (the old address for AARP Brain Fitness), it will re-direct to By making your exercises available directly on, BrainHQ can improve the performance of the web site, and make more brain training features available to you more quickly. AARP and BrainHQ continue to work closely together on brain health initiatives for AARP members – look for more announcements in the coming year!

How will this change to AARP Brain Fitness affect my brain training?

Most things are not changing. You’ll still have access to the same brain exercises, and your progress data will be maintained.

You will no longer be required to log in through AARP with your AARP credentials (though you may continue to log in that way, if you wish). You will also be able to log in directly using your AARP credentials or by setting up a new password for BrainHQ. You will find there are no ads on BrainHQ. Also, instead of receiving the occasional e-newsletter prepared for AARP by BrainHQ, you will receive the monthly BrainHQ newsletter “Brain Fitness News.”

How do I set up a new password for BrainHQ?

Select “Log in” at BrainHQ. Enter the email address you have been using (the same address as you use at, which is the email associated with your performance data). Select “Forgot Password.” You will get an email with a link that allows you to set a new password for BrainHQ (which can either be the same as you were using before or a new one).

What happens to my paid subscription?

If you are a paid subscriber, first of all, thank you for being a subscriber! You will continue to have access to the same exercises and features (and new ones, as they come online). At the time of your next subscription renewal, you will automatically get a discount that maintains your current subscription rate. You can check to see when your next renewal is scheduled by clicking on your Account tab inside the program, or by emailing the BrainHQ customer delight team at In the future, the special subscription rate for AARP members will be phased out; however, that rate will be maintained at least for your next renewal, and, after that, BrainHQ plans to make you special offers (in light of your status as a pioneering subscriber to AARP Brain Fitness). You are a valued subscriber, and BrainHQ wants you to continue to feel that way.