Total Training Package

The Total Training Package is now part of BrainHQ!
> Sharpen both your auditory and visual systems
Think faster, focus better, remember more

The Total Training Package is now part of BrainHQ! 

In 2012, Posit Science launched BrainHQ—an online brain training system that includes all the exercises in the Total Training Package. We encourage everyone who is interested in purchasing the Total Training Package to choose a BrainHQ subscription instead. Here are the benefits:

  • BrainHQ is online, so you can train on any computer, whether it’s a Mac or a PC (and on your iPad, too).
  • At $8-14 per month, BrainHQ is far more affordable than the Total Training Package.
  • BrainHQ includes all 11 of the clinically proven exercises in the Total Training Package—plus many, many more. The benefits of training are even better!
  • While the Total Training Package zeroes in on auditory and visual processing, BrainHQ gives you the opportunity to exercise these and many other brain functions (such as complex thinking, social cognition, and attentional focus).
  • BrainHQ has a flexible schedule to fit any lifestyle—whether you have just a few minutes available at a time or prefer longer, more intense training sessions.
  • BrainHQ allows you to train with friends and join special brain training challenges.

Purchase a BrainHQ subscription

The CD-ROM version of this product is no longer available, please try BrainHQ for all these exercises and more!